Woodcut image of marching soldiers

The City Saved by God

Contemporary cartoon image of marching soldiers

The Siege of Gloucester in the summer of 1643 changed the course of the English Civil War, and was believed by most people in the period to be the cause of the failure of the Royalist cause. King Charles I ultimately lost his head as a result.

After many years of being overlooked by commentators on the English Civil War, today the siege is once more being recognized as arguably the point at which the King first began to lose the war. This talk concentrates on some of the visible but surprisingly rare pieces of evidence for this event which changed history. We will look at the marks where cannonballs struck the Cathedral, and at the only surviving military structure related to the period of the Siege of Gloucester, as well as some of the people and buildings that feature in the story.

In this talk I look more at the physical evidence and laess at the events and actions during the Siege than I do in my talk Invincible Fath Triumpheth

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