If you want an entertaining and informative talk I can provide one on a range of different topics and to suit the audience. My talks tend to be more than lectures - I usually provide illustrations and also bring along a range of items to enhance the experience. These may be original artifacts from the past, or replicas used in modern re-enactments. My professional expertise developed over many decades enables me to choose the best, and to ensure that my audience has a truly unique experience.

For an introduction to my philosophy and policy regarding fees, please follow the link to the left labelled Talks Advisory Notes.

For brief thoughts about talks I can offer, have a look at the list below, and follow the links.

  • The Birdlip Grave Group - the story of one of Europe’s most important groups of celtic iron-age items. Follow the Birdlip link.
  • Boil a Mouse in Urine - discover some of the strange ways in which children were handled in the period of Henry VIII and Charles I. Follow the Boil a Mouse in Urine link
  • A Cabinet of Curiosities - do you know what these items are, or how they were used, and when? This is an ideal quiz, or simply a good way of testing your abilities as detectives. Follow the Curiosities link.
  • The City Saved by God - physical evidence for the story of the city that changed British history in 1643. Follow the Siege link.
  • The Enduring Vandal - the information to be gained by looking at graffiti and other ‘unofficial’ alterations to buildings and how they shed light on people and their behaviour in the past. Follow the The Enduring Vandal link.
  • For King or Parliament - a look at some of the events and evidence for the battles of Highnam, Highleadon, Hartpury and Redmarley Follow the King or Parliament link.
  • Games-Makers to the Empire - the story of the overlooked Gloucester-based company of  games-makers who claimed between the Wars to be the largest in Britain. Follow the Games-Makers link.
  • Ginger in a Coffin - Learn a little about the ways that families sourced and prepared food in the period of the Tudors and Stuarts.  Follow the Ginger in a Coffin link.
  • The Gloucester Tables Set - the earliest intact backgammon set, and a masterpiece of 11th-century Romanesque art. Follow the Tables link.
  • The Gloucester Tudor Doll - the story of a unique doll that travelled to Gloucester from Belgium in the period of Henry VIII. Follow the Tudor Doll link.
  • My life as Sir Watkyn Morgan - the story of re-enacting the period of the English Civil War. Follow the Sir Watkyn link.
  • Take Hedgehogge Lard - how family health was protected and ailments treated in the Tudor and Stuart periods. Follow the Hedgehogge Lard link.

Ask me about Casting Stones at Napier’s Bones about 17th-century calculating and numeracy, and Games of World War I about the games our forebears enjoyed.

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